FactsHCM packs a punch with a robust set of human capital management modules that serve as systems of record and engagement for your organisation. With FactsHCM, you can go beyond operational efficiency and achieve strategic excellence with a high performance HR.

Talent Acquisition and Management

Streamline recruitment, employee development and performance management.


FactsHCMs recruitment module covers the entire recruitment process, from the creation of job description to acceptance of job offer. Organised recruitment workflows help you stay on track as you manage hundreds of applications to different departments and companies. You can track multiple sources of acquisition and optimise the cost and time spent on recruitment. The candidate database gives you quick visibility into your talent pool enabling you to fulfil talent requirements much faster.

  • Job description management
  • Job offer management
  • Sourcing process mapping
  • Interview shortlisting and scheduling
  • Certification tracking
  • Offer acceptance tracking
  • Document validation
  • Recruitment cost calculation
  • Candidate sourcing payments (agencies/online/referrals)

Performance Appraisal

With FactsHCM, you can set employee performance goals in line with organisational objectives, periodically evaluate employee performance and embed a strong performance management culture within your organisation. You can define the appraisal questions, assign weightage to questions and allocate questionnaires to employees. FactsHCMs performance appraisal module comes with flexible options for managers and employees to review performance. Employees can rate themselves, view the rating given by their managers while the management can maintain a consistent record of employee performance for rewards planning.


Build and sustain a strong talent pool for current and future organisational requirements with FactsHCM’s training module. Keep track of all the capability development programmes attended by your employees and maintain histories of certifications and skills so you can ensure a steady supply of talent in the face of dynamically changing organisational needs.

Core HR

Simplify workforce administration, travel and accommodation management.

FactsHCM standardises core HR tasks and eliminates discrepancies and associated financial risks in employee data and facility management. With FactsHCM, you can systematically capture and store in one place all the requisite data, including vital documents. Set the date of issue and expiry for these documents and FactsHCM will alert you to all upcoming expiry dates, so that you can ensure strict compliance with internal policies and government regulations. Not only does FactsHCM help standardise and expand employee profiles but it also seamlessly integrates employee data for a wide range of HR operations. You can locate any data from any list at lightning speed with the quick and advanced filter options offered by the platform. The accommodation and transportation modules provide an overview of facilities and their utilisation and help you maintain up-to-date records of accommodation, tenancy, motor maintenance, travel, etc.

  • Calculate HR Budget (quarterly or annually)
  • Ensure fulfilment of standard recruitment procedures
  • Register employees and update budget
  • Manage multiple documents
  • Track employee promotion, department and location transfer
  • Manage insurance, benefits and allowance
  • Generate letters and memos using templates
  • Set reminders for expiring documents and renewal of contracts


Plan, process and pay employee salaries efficiently and securely.

  • Salary structure master to capture salary update history
  • Definition of salary scales and grades
  • Pay calculations for permanent/hired/contract/outsourced employees
  • Compliant with all statutory regulations across Middle East
  • Yearly allowance/bonus/increment/incentive calculations
  • Password-protected ZIP file feature for employee payroll bank transfer documents
  • High confidentiality features to restrict user levels
  • Scheduled disbursement of leave salary and air ticket entitlements
  • Flexibility to revise loan and advance deduction schedules
  • Termination settlement

FactsHCM’s payroll comes with rich functionalities that help you accomplish a wide range of payroll tasks with a few clicks. Time and attendance and core HR are integrated with payroll to help you generate accurate payroll data. FactsHCM takes on all accounting complexities involved in managing multiple payment models while ensuring hundred percent regulatory compliance. Fully customisable and highly scalable, FactsHCM gives you the agility required to a handle a bigger and diverse workforce as your business takes on a global dimension. Inbuilt reporting tools help you create a wide variety of reports with graphics that give you instant visibility into your operations, enabling better decision-making.

Time and Attendance

Automate timekeeping and attendance tracking for accurate and reliable attendance data.

Do away with error-prone manual attendance systems and meet stringent compliance requirements with FactsHCM. Optimise production, minimise costs and improve resource planning and allocation with FactsHCM’s automated time and attendance tracking system that gives you reliable insight into employee attendance and absence. Review, process, approve and manage leave requests efficiently with greater insight into resource requirement and availability to minimise adverse impact on production. Maintain records of overtime, availed leave and leave balance and check eligibility for compensatory leave to generate accurate timesheets for payroll processing.

  • Regularise wrong or missing data
  • Create shift schedules based on operational needs
  • Allocate shifts based on project requirements
  • Prepare duty rosters/multi-day shifts
  • Integrate with biometric or card systems and payroll
  • Capture cost allocation for decision-making

Employee Self-Service

Interactive portal for employees to review, update and manage information.

FactsHCM has powerful self-service capabilities that makes it a truly transformative solution for human capital management. By devolving many administrative tasks to employees and simplifying the process of implementing those tasks, FactsHCM frees HR resources to pursue more strategic goals. The employee self-service functionality facilitates better collaboration, transparency, ownership, decision-making and continuity in processes across the organisation. Employees can update their personal information, apply for leave, check their pay stubs, advance and loan details, regularise time entry and rate their own performance on the platform. Managers, on the other hand, can gain a larger picture of leave requests, the process leaves quickly, and provide feedback on employee performance.


Coordinate assorted and complex HR functions on a unified platform.

FactsHCM’s modular architecture gives you the flexibility to activate only those modules that you require. Thus, your HCM system remains simple yet future proof. The component modules not only integrate with each other, but also synchronise with global ERPs such as SAP, Oracle, and Dynamics. Together, the modules support the robust FactsHCM infrastructure for employee recruitment, capability development, rewards management, optimisation, core HR and analytics. FactsHCM also provides seamless integration with biometric, RFID and proximity card-based time attendance machines, ensuring accurate rules-based time and attendance tracking and payroll processing. It eliminates the need for expensive reassembly of existing IT infrastructure and offers instead an interoperable and customisable powerhouse of an HCM solution.

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